Be a "mitzvah Messenger" this Summer!

Shalva's "Mitzvah Messenger" program needs Mitzvah Messengers now! are you willing to carry ONE DUFFLE BAG of baby clothing and stuffed animals for needy families in Shalva's Me & My Mommy program?(This early intervention program provides support for the family learning to cope with a new expected situation by enabling the baby to reach his maximum potential. Every week babies receive multiple therapy sessions in the presence of their parents who learn how to care for their child at home.)

We arrange everything. We deliver the duffle bag of baby clothes and stuffed animals right to your home or office.

When you get to Israel, all you do in call the Shalva office in Jerusalem and arrange for a pick-up or - even better - come visit the Shalva Children Center and see, first hand, our world class facility for special needs children. Shalva means "peace of mind" in Hebrew and provides immeasurable comfort to families learning to cope with the continual pressure of caring for a severely handicapped child at home. Our programs include the daily After School Activity Center, weekly Overnight Respite Program, monthly Weekend Program, and summer Day and Sleep-Away Camps.

Click here now to learn more about Shalva!

For more information on our "Mitzvah Messenger" program call (212) 725-0900 or email:

A Package From Home

Would you like to help the soldiers of the IDF?  The organization, A Package From Home, can help you do that.  Collect items listed bellow and bring them with you on your trip to Israel. Best of Israel Travel will check on the availability of a packing time for your group, and you will have the opportunity to meet the soldiers as they pick up the packages you help prepare. Most needed items: Men’s Deodorant (non aerosol), Short-sleeved, round-necked T-shirts in Medium and Large, blue, khaki, brown, black, white, boxer shorts in Medium and Large, tooth paste and toothbrushes.

For further information please visit our web site –

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